View From a Bike, Statewide

Take your mountain bike out for a spin

There's no better way to breathe in that crisp autumn air and appreciate the nature-painted hillsides than from the seat of your mountain bike. This fall, pack up your wheels and head out to one or more of our challenging trails. Here are just five of many waiting for you in Indiana. 

The longest—and perhaps most popular—trail is within Brown County State ParkBike magazine named it one of the best 33 trail systems in North America! At 27.9 miles, the trail has a 2,432’ ascent and -2,431’ descent. Challenging? Yes! And also a beautiful, invigorating ride. The editors of the magazine said its singletrack has some of the most varied terrain east of the Mississippi: berms, steep switchbacks, tight trees and rock gardens.

You’ll also get a rush from the downhill descents on the 12.1-mile trail at Versailles State Park. Featuring an 875' ascent and -876’ descent, this trail gives you a little taste of every thrill: from buff singletrack to rocks, roots and technical obstacles caused by the native limestone. You’ll love the views, as most of the ride is high on the bluffs.

New Castle’s Westwood Park is a gem in the middle of farm country. The trail takes you along 8.7 miles around a small reservoir, providing really nice views. You might not go quite as fast on this trail because turns are tight and glacial gravel and sand is rather loose. Ups and downs are frequent, with a 654’ ascent and -656’ descent. The trail features a few bridges, including one that floats over the lake (yes, it moves when you cross it!).

There’s even challenging mountain biking right in our biggest urban center! Take to the trails at Fort Harrison State Park, located in the hilliest part of Indianapolis. The 7-mile trail has three sections: Camp Glenn is smooth and beginner-friendly; Lawrence Creek adds elevation change, log crossings and rock; and Schoen Creek has even more rock. Climbs and descents are in the 400’ range in this park.

In the northern part of the state, check out Westville’s Bluhm Park. Though it’s just 4.2 miles long, it is still challenging enough to entertain most riders. Get ready for a twisty singletrack, some elevation change and log features. This was the first mountain bike trail created in northwest Indiana, and there are also trails for hiking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.