Tombstone Trail, Kendallville

Admire autumn in rural Indiana

Autumn is all about reveling in yesterday's history and enjoying today's fleeting moments before winter comes. Historic cemeteries reveal secrets of the past along the Tombstone Trail in Huntington, Kosciusko, Noble and Whitley counties. Discover the people who made Indiana great, admire the art and craftsmanship that memorialize them and experience the natural beauty of rural Indiana in the fall. 

Along an 85-mile stretch of historic U.S. 6, guided tours feature more than 65 monuments. Full stories are available at 10 cemeteries on the trail. Be your own tour guide using tour books and QR codes at the gravesites. 

Stories of the past 

Begin in Kendallville, where a peaceful, park-like atmosphere greets you at Lakeview Cemetery. Dating back to the 1860s, this graveyard is the final resting place for several Civil War soldiers. Stroll through the cemetery's grounds and admire the fall colors. Let the stories of America's past fascinate you. Take the Kendallville Historic Places Tour to see homes and building associated with those buried at Lakeview Cemetery while you're in the area. 

Admire the view of a lake as you roam through 300 historic grave markers at Old Kendallville Cemetery. Restored in the 1930s by Daughters of the American Revolution, the cemetery's oldest monuments date back to the mid-1800s. Interesting figures like an original settler of Kendallville and descendant of William Penn, a War of 1812 veteran, can be found here. 

The town of Syracuse traces its roots back to a 19th-century business partnership. Samuel Crosson and Henry Ward founded the town and opened a mill together. Shortly after, Crosson donated an acre of land to become the Syracuse Cemetery. Later, he was buried their himself. Tour the graveyard to unearth the town's deepest secrets. 

A whisper of history 

In the very large and serene Blue River Cemetery near Columbia City, walk among the stones in this quiet space surrounded by cornfields. Tour the grounds to discover its historic and heroic residents. 

Both romance and tragedy can be found at South Park Cemetery in Columbia City. Let the tale of the man from Paris who traveled across the Atlantic to marry enchant you. Discover how a Union Civil War soldier mistakenly killed his brother and spent the rest of his life carrying the heavy secret. Roam through four sections of grave markers as you learn about the many famous people laid to rest here. 

Explore unique and beautiful tombstones in Huntington's Mount Calvary Cemetery. Be sure to find the grave of the last Native American chief of the united Miami tribe, Francis LaFontaine. After touring the cemetery, visit LaFontaine's house across town at the Historic Forks of the Wabash. The house doubled as the tribe's headquarters until LaFontaine's death in 1846. Enjoy a unique mix of history and autumn beauty.