The Glass Trail, Kokomo

The culture of glass-making in Kokomo

The fall season renews our devotion to heritage. The glass trail follows the craft of glass-making, prominent in the Kokomo area since a natural gas deposit was discovered there in the 1800s. 

Begin your artisan adventure along the Indiana Glass Trail. As you drive to its various stops, admire the fall color and explore shops filled with unique glass items. 

Feast on glass-making traditions

A highlight of the trail is the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company, the oldest manufacturer of opalescent and cathedral stained glass in the world. The company can make more than 22,000 color, density and texture combinations in their glass and are always creating more. Their beautiful work can be witnessed firsthand during public tours on Tuesday - Friday each week. 

Just outside of Kokomo, find the Greentown Glass Museum. Greentown Glass was only produced from 1894-1903 before a fire destroyed the factory. Today, collectors around the world value this rare glass. The museum displays more than 1,700 pieces. 

Visit the House of Glass featuring the work of indiana Artisan Joe Rice. He and other craftsmen create highly detailed, colored glass content encapsulated in brilliant crystal. 

Enjoy the local and seasonal tastes

Hit up a few local eateries to celebrate the season. The Hostess House in Marion is a perfect spot for lunch, located in a beautifully restored home that is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Savor the fall flavors in the restaurant's homemade desserts. For dinner, head to Perkinsville's Bonge's Tavern. It's tradition to tailgate in the parking lot before enjoying a gourmet meal. The menu changes daily but visitors are guaranteed gourmet goods in a casual atmosphere.