Indiana Fear Farm, Jamestown Sep 30 - Oct 30, 2016

Indiana's Epic Haunted Hayride

(765) 366-8493

haunted hay ride, haunted barn

Named a "Must See Haunt" by Haunted Attraction Magazine, Indiana’s Epic Haunted Hayride is known for terrifying and captivating its visitors for many moons! This 20-minute, ALL BRAND NEW Hollywood Style Stunt Show, that’s lively as ever, will leave your mind racing and your heart pounding. Located in Jamestown, just far enough off the beaten path, where our legendary Headless Horseman roams freely seeking his Revenge! Do you dare try to outrun him? Our digital sound equipped Hayride is packed with EXPLOSIONS, things that go BUMP in the night, thrilling stunts and over 50 actors that come at you from every angle! Will you escape their claws? Come give it a whirl at INDIANA FEAR FARM! Our Hayride has people screaming with terror and applauding for more every year! What consumes your nightmares? (This ride is suitable for children and adults of all ages) Don’t forget to check out Indiana’s most mind-blowing Haunted Barn! With BRAND NEW blood curdling chills around every corner! It will push your limits of insanity as you crawl, slide, climb, and scream your way through the Slaughter Barn! This striking attraction is packed with over 40 actors that interact with you on an up-close and personal level! Not intended for children under 8 or persons with heart conditions. Open Friday through Sunday with select Thursdays starting October 2.